Lab news and updates

Congratulation Mike on a successful thesis defense!

Ecology PhD student Michael Doane defended his dissertation research titled “Insights into the shark ‘holobiont’ through the skin microbiome and host genetics”. Congratulations Dr. Doane!

A big shout out to Professor Dinsdale!

Congratulations to our PI, Dr. Elizabeth Dinsdale, who was just promoted to a full Professor of Biology! Dr. Dinsdale joined the Biology department as an Assistant Professor in 2009, and since has mentored over 50 undergraduate and graduate students, published over 40 manuscripts, and received numerous grants to support her research. From all your students, we can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

Congratulations Megan!

To celebrate the end of another successful academic year, the lab attended the 23rd Annual Biology Banquet held at Mission Trails regional park. At the banquet, PhD student Megan Morris received the department’s Outstanding Teaching Associate Award – way to go!

L -R: Dr. Bob Zeller, Megan Morris and Dr. Elizabeth Dinsdale.

Congrats undergrads!

Undergradute students Rhaya Alkafaji, Dominic Cavalli and Taylor Dillon successfully defended their honors thesis under the guidance of Dr. Dinsdale. Congratulations and all the best for the future!


Congratulations to Dnyanada Pande for defending her master’s thesis in Bioinformatics and Medical Informatics titled ‘The use of signature genes and motifs to evaluate the genome completeness in phages’!


Congratulations Dinsdale Lab!

The Dinsdale Lab was awarded funds from the Council on Ocean Affairs Science and Technology (COAST) Grant Development Program (2018-2019)! The grant will support the lab’s ongoing long-term description of microbial communities in southern California’s kelp forests. The invasive algae Sargassum horneri has recently disturbed the kelp forests, including the pristine locations at Catalina Island, so the ecosystem needs our attention now more than ever!


Congratulations to Dinsdale Lab members Bhavya Papudeshi, Doug Beattie and Jeremiah Minich for publishing their research!

Read about their amazing research here:
Bhavya Papudeshi: Optimizing and evaluating the reconstruction of metagenome-assembled microbial genomes.

Doug Beattie: Novel ssDNA viruses detected in the virome of bleached, habitat-forming kelp Ecklonia radiata.

Jeremiah Minich: Elevated temperature drives kelp microbiome dysbiosis, while elevated carbon dioxide induces water microbiome disruption.



Come see the Dinsdale Lab and the amazing research that we do in the new Engineering and Interdisciplinary Sciences Complex (EIS 201B). Dinsdale Lab now represents the Conrad Prebys Viromics Center in the EIS complex.

Meet the people from our lab showcasing their research on the EIS open house day!

Congrats to Mike on getting his paper accepted in “Meta Gene”

Read the paper here:

Congrats to Megan on winning the Achievement Rewards for College Scientists Foundation (ARCS) scholarship!


Congrats to Rebecca on winning the Harold and June Grant Memorial Scholarship, Fall 2017

Congrats Matt on a successful thesis defense

Congrats to Amanda on receiving the NSF GRFP, 2017 grant

Congrats to Mike on getting his paper accepted in “Environmental Microbiology and Environmental Microbiology Reports”

Congrats to Megan on winning the Presidents Award at SRS, 2017