Faculty Workshop

Applications are being accepted for the 2015 Faculty Sequencing Workshop.

The overall goal of the Sequencing Technology Education using Microbial Metagenomes workshop is to establish genome sequencing and analysis as a component of undergraduate life sciences education by providing educators with an opportunity to use next generation sequencing technology at the SDSU Undergraduate teaching facility and enable the networking of faculty to discuss how best to integrate genomic technology into the life sciences curricula. The workshop will build on our ecological metagenomic class, which has become a highly accessed publication in BMC Genomics (2013 14:600). We seek to facilitate the development of similar courses across other universities by providing 1) training on various sequencers using DNA from the attendees’ own research, 2) training on bioinformatics tools, 3) potential implementation of similar classes at the attendee’s own university, and 4) discussions on building assessments for genomic courses. For this project, expected outcomes include establishing a network of microbial metagenomic undergraduate educators that can introduce genomic sequencing and analysis into undergraduate classes, collaborate on analysis of the data and assess the effect on student learning. We will hold the workshop from the 7th to 12th of June, 2015 at the San Diego State University Sequencing Facility in San Diego, California.

Please see the 2015 workshop flyer for more details, and contact Prof. Liz Dinsdale (elizabeth_dinsdale (at) hotmail) if you are interested in attending.