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California Kelp Forest Sampling

The Dinsdale lab has been collecting metagenomes from the San Diego Bay, Kelp Forest every month and analysing the microbes asssicated with the kelp Macrocystis pyrifera. Through observing this activity across a long time series will provide us valuable insights into microbial functioning on kelp forest through time and across a suite of environmental parameters. The lab has been collecting samples from both San Diego Bay and Catalina Island frequently and analysing both the bacterial and viral particles from the metagneomes. Continue reading California Kelp Forest Sampling

2014 Feb Whale shark sampling in La Paz, Mexico –

Mike from Dinsdale lab went to La Paz, Mexico for Whale shark sampling with Dr. Deni Ramirez, founder of the organization Tiburon Ballena Mexico (Whale shark Mexico). See address below for more information about Dr. Ramirez’s work with Whale sharks in La Paz. Continue reading 2014 Feb Whale shark sampling in La Paz, Mexico –